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Rachel deBenedet

May 16, 2007

By Roger B. Harris

deBenedet, Reed, Coker, and others to appear in The Second Tosca, at the 45th Street Theatre.

Tom Rowan's new play, The Second Tosca, has a cast. They are: Tug Coker, Rachel deBenedet, Vivian Reed, Jeremy Beck, Mark Light-Orr, Melissa Picarello, Carrington Vilmont and Eve Gigliotti. The show, which will play the 45th Street Theatre, begins previews on June 8, with an opening on June 13. It's set to run until July 1. Kevin Newbury will be the director.

The comedy takes place behind the scenes at Opera California, where rehearsals are in progress for a production of Tosca. Music from the operas of Puccini, Verdi and others, will be featured.

Charlie Corcoran will do the sets, Joanne Haas the costumes, D. M. Wood, the lighting and Jill BC DuBoff the sound.