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Sutton Foster


By Roger B. Harris

Mullally, Foster and Hensley headed to Young Frankenstein. Very interesting...

Megan Mullally, late of Will and Grace, Sutton Foster, now in The Drowsy Chaperone and Shuler Hensley of Tarzan will be joining forces in Mel Brooks' new musical Young Frankenstein. The show is scheduled to open at the St. James Theatre,probably in the fall,  though no dates have been announced. Nor have the main  roles of Igor, Frau Blucher,  the Police Inspector or Dr. Frankenstein been cast.

The musical comedy will have a score by Mel Brooks, a book by Thomas Meehan and Brooks and direction and choreography by Susan Stroman.  In other words, the same team that put together the super successful  The Producers.

According to The New York Post, Ms. Mullally will play the part of Elizabeth, the role played by the late Madeline Kahn in the 1974  movie.

Ms. Foster, who won a Tony Award for Thoroughly Modern Millie, will play Inga, the role taken by Teri Garr in the classic film  And Mr. Hensley, who won a Tony for his performance as  Jud in the Oklahoma revival, will play the Monster-the part played by the late Peter Boyle.

In the movie, considered by many, Brooks' best, Gene Wilder played Dr. Frankenstein. His assistant, Igor, (pronounced "Eye-gor", by Igor), was played by Marty Feldman. And Cloris Leachman played the scary Frau Blucher( cue the horses).